A place in the sun

Only a lucky 315,000 people or so in the world call the French island of Corsica home. But as of this past summer, Seb and I could count ourselves amongst these residents. After traveling halfway across the world, we had finally arrived at our destination — the ‘Isle of Beauty’, a pristine, unspoiled Mediterranean island west of Italy and north of Sardinia. Seb spent much of his childhood here, but I had never even heard of this place until we met 3 years ago!

For those of you who are not familiar with Corsica, here are some facts you might find interesting:

  • With its 650-mile (1,000km) littoral, Corsica also boasts around 20% of France’s coastline.
  • Maquis is the thick undergrowth of sweet smelling lavender, myrtle, heather and other plants which is unique to Corsica and can be found everywhere.
  • Over 80% of the island is made up of high mountain terrain which is uninhabitable. However, this does mean that Corsica is packed full of winding mountain roads hugging cliffsides which are great if you love to drive.
  • The indigenous language Corsu, is considered to be a Tuscan dialect and has been declared by UNESCO as in danger of extinction.
  • Corsica is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was born in the city of Ajaccio.
  • Corsica is home to some of the best beaches and beautiful coastlines in Europe, but in my opinion, in the world! Corsica has something for everyone — beaches, semi desert regions, alpine forests, and country walks.
  • The main food staples here are mountain product such as boar and pork, veal, charcuterie, cheeses, olive oil, chestnut and honey.

So what were two ex-bankers from Hong Kong doing in the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte? Well, aside from wanting to bask in the sun sand and sea, we had a mission.

But, first things first — a mini road trip to explore and take in some sights! Stay tuned for upcoming posts of our time driving around this amazing island.





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